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It is critical that we build and operate a better system for education in our state and local communities. Starting with vocational and technical education programs. The 38th District's Sno-Isle Skill Center has one of the best vocational training facilities in Washington state. It provides a valuable service to educate our high school students, helping them move into the job market after graduation. We need to provide further educational opportunities for youth to learn a skill or trade, as an alternative or addition to, community colleges and four-year universities. Not all students are accepted into a vocational training program in our high school programs and that is unacceptable. We should start by putting vocational training back into our high school programs and make it available to all students. Let's work with private enterprise, offering incentives to help train our youth and young adults who need a job. For those who do wish to attend college, Washington State's own students should have first consideration to receive an education, and that education should be affordable. After all, we are paying taxes to fund our colleges and universities. INVEST IN TOMORROW'S YOUTH, AND PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY FOR ADULTS TO CONTINUE EDUCATION.


Ask yourself this:  How has traffic been on your commute to work, to the grocery store, to pick up your children?  While promoting carpools is important, shouldn’t HOV lanes be for all vehicles during off peak times?  Why is it that we have one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, plus sales tax and more, and we’re being charged to use part of I-405?  Over the years, how many of our bridges have had tolls?  Maybe our state government needs to manage spending like a business.  It is past time for fiscal responsibility, spending within our means, instead of continually going to the well of the taxpayer. Did you know that Washington State is now testing a price per mile program?  According to a 2017 Census estimate, our state has the seventh fastest growing population in America. That sounds like more gas tax revenue. Help me prevent a needless mileage tax by voting for me as your representative. LET'S APPLY COMMON SENSE AND BUSINESS SENSE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


We need to balance our state's budget, working within our means with the tax revenues at hand.  Increasing or adding new taxes is not the answer.  Let's manage our state like the business that it is, and be mission oriented to stay at or below budget.  Stop wasting our tax dollars on unnecessary projects and studies, and zoom in on vital issues like education, infrastructure, and public health. The time for new leadership is now.  I promise to be part of the solution to achieve FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.


We have all seen the homeless camps along our roadways, and our  fellow citizens pan handling at intersections.  Homelessness and Drug Abuse go hand in hand, bringing increased emergency responses, death, and additional crime, all of which are negatively affecting our cities. We need to assist those who seek help, and provide them with necessary tools, resources or training to secure and hold a job.  The more people who can become contributing members of society, the less system abuse we are bound to have.  Let’s resolve to put an end to this crisis.  New ideas and system reform are necessary, and I’m ready to jump in on Day One to start making a difference.